Esme & Karla

“What a great team! Dr. Dittrich made a difficult diagnosis of a rare skin cancer in my whippet and Dr. Meyers was able to cure her with her incredible surgical skills.”

– Chris M./Esme

Roosevelt Station Vet Care - testimonial

“It is very apparent that Dr. Cheryl is passionate about the well-being of our furry family members, and you can tell she loves what she does. She is supportive and extremely knowledgeable on best practices and no-nonsense proper care.”

– Karla R.


Roosevelt Station Vet Care - testimonial

“Dr. Dittrich has taken care of our pets for many years with skill, compassion, and common sense.  She is particularly good at laying out all options, and giving great information about the risks and benefits of a particular course.”

– Greg H./Cato


“I could not ask for a better, more caring veterinarian to take care for our pets (we have both cats and dogs). Dr. Dittrich is extremely professional, compassionate, accommodating, and understanding. I trust her expertise and knowledge and HIGHLY recommend her services to anyone with a beloved family pet.”

-Tara C./Luna

Roosevelt Station Vet Care - testimonial


Roosevelt Station Vet Care - testimonial

“From the moment Dr. Dittrich laid eyes on our puppy and buried her face in his fur I knew we had OUR vet.  Enthusiastic, warm, and knowledgeable – a great choice for NE Seattle families!”

– Elise G./Mango

Monkey & Oliver

“It is not lost on me that the “Vet” is everything: Doctor, Dentist, Anesthesiologist, Gastroenterologist, Bone Surgeon, Xray technician and Radiologist, etc etc.  Besides all that, CUSTOMER SERVICE!  I do want to thank the excellent team at Roosevelt Station for your loving care and mad skills.  Your front desk crew is the best I’ve ever seen. I do know that I got some kind of customer discount, and I appreciate it very very much. You are worth triple of what you charge considering all the hats you have to wear — ORAL SURGEON!! Come ON! That is a dental “speciality”!!!!!!  Thank you very very much for taking care of me and my ridiculous toothless dogs.”  

-Lizzie/Monkey & Oliver